FISH! Online for Business

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In This Course:
  • Learn Fish Philosophy
  • Apply Practices Daily
  • Lifelong Skills
  • Team Skills
  • Awareness of Attitude
  • Personalized Action Plan
  • Make Peoples' Day
  • Increased Enjoyment
  • Official Certificate
Course overview
This course develops relationship skills that improve teamwork, customer service, and staff retention. It takes about 60 minutes to complete, there are four modules. At the end of the course, you get a personalized action plan.
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Certification included
Upon completion of the course you will be issued a Digital Credential that you can share on your social media, include in your resume, update your LinkedIn Profile and attach to your email signature.

Our learners love us

"FISH! is a great way of figuring out how to love whatever it is that you're doing. FISH! is a way to engage people."
Karin Accomando, Toyota
"FISH! has become a key part of how we do business. Our profits are up, our customer satisfaction has improved and we're having a lot of fun. Return on investment has been tenfold."
Mark Ruffalo, President California Harley Davidson/Buell
"The simple principles in FISH! helped us to transform our culture from indifference to enthusiasm."
Rob Gregory, Owner Rochester Motor Cars

What is Fish Philosophy?

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Watch how FISH! can increase employee engagement, team performance & results

How FISH! Impacts Your Workplace

Enhance Customer Service

Great customer service is more than a "technique." It comes from the heart. When you are in a FISH! mindset, you see opportunities to make the customer's day you never saw before. You find solutions to situations that scrips can't anticipate. Customers love being served by "real" people who care.

Improve Teamwork and Trust

The common thread in high-performing teams is that members encourage and "ignite" each other. People who live FISH! listen to understand, not just reply. They communicate honestly and respectfully. They welcome new ideas. People feel safe and supported, contributing all of their talents and energy.

Encourage Engagement & Boost Morale

When people don't feel valued, they stop believing they make a positive difference. FISH! empowers people to Be There for each other. When people experience how good it feels to be appreciated - and appreciate others - they focus on what they can " give" rather than what they can "get".
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Increase engagement & performance today

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