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  • Learn Fish Philosophy
  • Apply Practices Daily
  • Lifelong Skills
  • Team Skills
  • Awareness of Attitude
  • Personalized Action Plan
  • Make Peoples' Day
  • Increased Enjoyment
  • Official Certificate
Course overview
Strengthen relationships with your patients and coworkers and find joy in your stressful and challenging work.
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Certification included
Upon completion of the course you will be issued a Digital Credential that you can share on your social media, include in your resume, update your LinkedIn Profile and attach to your email signature.

Our learners love us

"FISH! is a natural fit for our values. Be human, choose your attitude, be there for people. That's the heart and soul of medicine: What does the patient need from me that I can share with them?"
Nick Holekamp, M.D.Medical Director Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital
"FISH! teaches us that the power is in our hands; that by choosing a positive attitude, having fun, and being truly attentive to our customer, we can not only radially change the way we view our jobs, we can vastly improve customer service."
Cathy Thomas, Group Executive - Integrated Services SEQ Australia BlueCare
"We all have the power to choose our attitude and make a difference. Sometimes we just need to know it's OK to do so."
Shari Bommarito, Clinical Nurse Educator Missouri Baptist Medical Center

What is Fish Philosophy?

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Watch how FISH! can increase employee engagement, team performance & results
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Perfect for Hospitals, Clinics, and Senior Care

Patient Satisfaction

FISH! helps you build stronger relationships with patients. When they feel valued and heard, they are more compliant and have better outcomes.

Trust & Teamwork

FISH! builds trust and appreciation that is key to great teamwork. It helps you care for each other so you can give the best to your patients.

Boost Morale & Self-Motivation

FISH! helps you create better relationships with your colleagues by supporting and acknowledging each other.

Awareness & Creativity

In a FISH! mindset you see opportunities you never saw before. It helps you respond creatively to situations that scripts can't anticipate, and delight your patients in unexpected ways.Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional
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Increase Staff Morale Today

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